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Podcast Peasant Voices | Episode 2 – The UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants (UNDROP)

This podcast was produced by La Via Campesina, and is the second episode in a series entitled: Peasant Voices – on the road to the 8th International Conference. You can find the episode on La Via Campesina’s website here.

Episode 2 focuses on the Declaration of the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas. It consists of two parts, the first focusing on the history and key rights of the Declaration, the second on the recent creation by the United Nations Human Rights Council of a Working Group of experts on the follow-up to the implementation of UNDROP. In 10 minutes, this episode covers all the basics for understanding UNDROP.

At its 8th International Conference, La Via Campesina made UNDROP a central element of its political future: “We are convinced that the more we disseminate information about UNDROP within our communities, our movements and among political decision-makers, the more it will be able to protect us at a legal and political level“.

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