Defending Peasants’ Rights – Newsletter n°5 

The webinar video is now available!

We are delighted to announce that the video of our webinar on the UN Working Group on UNDROP is now online. We were thrilled to have three of the Working Group’s experts with us: Shalmali Guttal, Carlos Duarte and Geneviève Savigny. The experts had the opportunity to explain their vision of their mandate: the main issues at stake, the obstacles to be overcome, the progress it will enable and their future relations with peasants and rural workers. The exchanges were numerous and fruitful, auguring future progress for peasants’ rights thanks to the Working Group. 

You can watch the entire webinar on video HERE with a summary, as well as HERE on our Youtube channel @DefendingPeasantsRights

For an overview of the role and functioning of the Working Group, Fian International, Cetim and La Via Campesina have compiled all the necessary information in a summary sheet available on our website HERE

Empowering Rural Communities Through UNDROP
The actions of ESAFF-Uganda

We dedicate an article to the actions of La Via Campesina member organization ESAFF-Ouganda concerning peasants’ rights. Since the adoption of UNDROP, ESAFF-Ouganda has been involved in promoting and disseminating it to rights holders and authorities alike.

In this article, we highlight two of ESAFF-Uganda’s most recent initiatives: a podcast dedicated to UNDROP and a meeting with local authorities on the occasion of the International Day of Peasant Struggles on April 17, 2024. In both cases, these actions aim to encourage communities and authorities to consider UNDROP as a highly relevant tool for improving conditions in rural communities, and we are proud to be able to highlight them. 

“UNDROP from local to global!”
Interview of Serge Peereboom from MAP Belgium

The Peasant Action Movement (Mouvement d’Action Paysanne) is a Belgian association of peasants and citizens, created to promote and pass on peasant knowledge. In 2024, to coincide with the forthcoming municipal elections, MAP has drawn up a Peasant Towns Charter for candidates and elected representatives. This charter takes up 10 rights contained in UNDROP, explains them, proposes solutions for their implementation at local level and presents concrete examples of actions already undertaken.

Serge Peereboom is a member of MAP and played an active role in writing and promoting the Charter. In this interview, he explains MAP’s actions, the challenges facing peasants in Belgium and the strategy behind the Charter. 

MAP’s Charter of Peasant Communes is an example of the promotion and use of UNDROP that can be replicated at all decision-making levels and in all countries!

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