Thematic Booklet Nº1 : “Access to Resources and Means of Production”

The First Thematic Booklet on “Access to Resources and Means of Production” is here! This is the first of four thematic booklets—part of the popular education materials to be used as a crucial step in reconnecting those who inspired and created United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in the Rural Areas (UNDROP). It highlights how UNDROP can be used to address and protect peasant rights to resources and means of production. The State obligations are outlined. It concludes by giving examples on how communities around the world are using UNDROP to protect their rights.

The popular education materials will help us to effectively use the UNDROP in our struggles to assert and advance our collective and individual rights. They will help to create broader awareness, promote deeper understanding and enhance capacities (through training) of rural people’s movements. We should use this booklet as a foundational tool to ensure that the UNDROP will be respected, implemented and promoted at all levels, from local to international, from community customs to policymaking mechanisms.

The UNDROP popular educational materials are being developed by La Via Campesina and FIAN International.

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