Training sheets on peasants’ rights

CETIM has published a series of training sheets to serve as support for activities and trainings in view of the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas (Declaration).

After adopting the Declaration, we are now in a new phase: implementation. It is absolutely vital to bring the Declaration to life so that peasants and other people working in rural areas can make the content their own, to use it in their daily advocacy work. For this reason, CETIM, alongside La Via Campesina, organizes seminars aimed at peasant leaders. These courses allow them to consolidate their practices, advocacy strategies and other projects linked to the Declaration. Through this type of training, we are striving for a multiplier effect. Once the leaders have been trained, they disseminate their knowledge to their members, to other peasants and allies. The aim in the long term is for everyone to have access to this crucial knowledge.

Training sheets

The twelve fact sheets have been produced in a spirit of popularisation of the content and scope of the rights contained in the Declaration. Produced in several languages in an A5 format, the sheets explain in an accessible way one or a series of rights of the Declaration grouped by theme:

  1. Introduction of the UNDROP
  2. Right to land
  3. Right to seeds
  4. Right to food and food sovereignty
  5. Right to an adequate standard of living, a decent livelihood and to means of production
  6. Non-discrimination against rural women
  7. Right to participation
  8. Right to the environment
  9. Right to social security
  10. Economic, social and cultural rights
  11. Civil and political rights
  12. Strategies for implementation

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