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La Via Campesina and CETIM have organized a training course for La Via Campesina members in August 2023, and are now making training materials available to all.

Session 3 of the UNDROP training seminar aims to concretize the theoretical context that was addressed previously, and in particular during session 2. It is about discussing how and with which tools rural organizations can work for the implementation of the UNDROP. It is also about discussing existing and future promotion and implementation efforts and strategies.

Objectives of Session 4 “Tools and Implementation“: Development of training, monitoring and advocacy tools to support activities and strategies at national, regional and international levels. Elaboration of an implementation action plan for countries/regions, developed by and for the participants and their respective organizations.

Methodology: Watch the videos and read the training sheets in order to start elaborating a strategy plan for the implementation of UNDROP in your context.

Training videos

  • Aspects and general elements of an implementation process (Raffaele Morgantini, CETIM).

  • Presentation of a fundamental tool for the promotion and implementation of the UNDROP: The website “Defending Peasant Rights” (Coline Hubert, coordinator and editor of the website)

Training sheets

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