United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas – Introductory Booklet

This booklet was created by La Via Campesina and first published on its website on December 16 2021, for the 3rd anniversary of the UNDROP, find it HERE. The booklet was done in collaboration with FIAN international.

It is crucial to reconnect the UNDROP to the small-scale food producers worldwide – the same people who inspired its content, who worked on its development and whose Rights to dignified lives and livelihoods continues to be violated. This training toolkit will help us to effectively use the UNDROP in our struggles to assert and advance our collective and individual rights. The purpose of this toolkit is to create broader awareness, promote deeper understanding and enhance capacities (through training) of rural people’s movements. We should use this booklet as a foundational tool to ensure that the UNDROP will be respected, implemented and promoted at all levels, from local to international, from community customs to policymaking mechanisms. 

This popular education toolkit is context-based and will empower peasants to improve their livelihoods in rural areas. It will reinforce food sovereignty and agroecology, strengthen the fight against climate change. It recognizes peasants’ rights to conserve, use, exchange and sell their seeds. It defends people’s right to protect blatant attempts to grab land, rivers and oceans. In short, using this toolkit will bring UNDROP to life, turning it into an effective tool for our struggles.

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