Defending Peasants’ Rights – Newsletter n°4 

On December 12th, Defending Peasants Rights celebrated its first birthday!

In one year, we have gathered more than a 100 publications: stories of struggles, training videos, interviews about case law, reports on specific rights, there is something for everyone!

With this new year beginning, we look forward to sharing with you even more contents. We want to keep nourishing all of the categories of the website. We hope to reinforce our coverage of the struggles of all the rural social movements. This year we will also focus on the new Working Group on the implementation of UNDROP of the UN Human Rights Council. We will share with you all the process of it’s installation: the election of the experts, their first reports and how to engage with them.

We are proud of how well the website is received and we will keep on working hard to make it as comprehensive, participatory and inclusive as possible. We can only do it with the participation of everyone: share with us your contents on Peasants’ Rights! We will happily receive not only any format about the UNDROP and the rights enshrined in it, but also your ideas, suggestions and informations about UNDROP. 

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Solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinians

STOP the war on Gaza NOW

We have gathered on Defending Peasants’ Rights articles by La Via Campesina and others on the ongoing war against Gaza by Israel. We want to express our deepest solidarity with the people of Gaza and relay the call to stop the war now. So, we are spreading words of solidarity and outrage, but also reflexion on the specific attack on Palestinian agriculture and peasants’ rights. 

In the face of such atrocities, we, at Defending Peasants’ Rights, want to reassert the rights of people to peace, safety and food. 

“Agrarian reform is a UN orientation and not only a leftist slogan”

Interview of Diego Montón, Argentinian peasant leader

In January, we have published an interview of Diego Montón, peasant leader from Argentina. In this interview he analyzes the recent creation of a working group under the auspices of the United Nations to guarantee peasant rights. 

With the election in December of Javier Milei, peasants’ rights are under attack. The program of the new President is the opposite of what Peasants’ Rights represent: collectiveness, horizontal participation, emancipation and solidarity. So, we want to share our solidarity with the people of Argentina, peasants and all the rural workers! 

Go read this interview to know how UNDROP will be an ally in the forthcoming struggles. 

Peasant Protests in Europe

For the past month, there has been protests of peasants and farmers in different countries in Europe. All these protests have common demands for faire prices and revenue. Peasants organizations members of La Via Campesina have been taking part in protests, joining to make their voices heard and to denounce false solutions. 

We have publish an article by Christophe Golay, of the Geneva Academy, linking these protests and there demands with the rights of the UNDROP. With that article you will also find several press releases of peasants organizations related to the protests. 

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