What is Food Sovereignty ? a video explainer

This video was made by La Via Campesina and first published on its webiste on June 5, 2023. You can find it here.

In this video La Via Campesina explains what is Food Sovereignty for them. Food Sovereignty is at the center of the actions and struggles of La Via Campesina. They have fought, and won, to have Food Sovereignty recognized in UNDROP as a right (art. 15).

We, La Via Campesina, are an international peasants’ movement who have come together with other allies from around the world to strengthen a global effort toward Food sovereignty. Our global movement brings together millions of peasants and small scale food producers comprising landless people, Indigenous Peoples, rural women and youth, migrants, pastoralists and other people working in rural areas worldwide.

As small-scale food producers, we feed 70% of the global population and are the custodians of ancestral wisdom handed down over thousands of generations. We hold the key to producing healthy and nutritious food in complete harmony with Mother Earth, at a time when it is threatened by neo-liberal capitalism that has spread hunger, conflict and global ecological destruction. That is why we have come together, to defend our diverse ways of life that exist in our rural areas, and protect our people’s food sovereignty.

What is food sovereignty ?

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