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The videos from our webinar
The UNDROP Alive and Kicking are here! 

You can watch our webinar for the International day of Peasants Struggles on our website!To mark that day, Defending Peasants Rights and La Via Campesina organized a webinar gathering 8 peasants from around the world, who shared how they are integrating and using UNDROP in their struggles.

We have published some articles related to the content of our webinar. So, you can find an interview of Jessie MacInnis in which she further explores possibilities for the UNDROP in Canada. We have published an article by David Otieno on the legal battle his organization is fighting to prevent the lifting of the GMO ban in Kenya. We also have an article by Pramesh Pokharel calling Nepalese peasants to use the UNDROP. Finally, coming soon an article about the constitutional change in Colombia recignizing peasantry as a political subject!

Videos are HERE

Featured articles

France: Ongoing crack down on the movement for land and water

On March 26th, the movement Les Soulèvement de la Terre (the Land Uprisings) organized in coalition with others – including Confédération paysanne, member of La Via Campesina -, its biggest demonstration yet against water-grabbing mega-basins, 30 000 people came. They were met with brutal police repression, 200 people were injured. We have published La Via Campesina international call against this repression and have put updated information ever since. The latest news is the announcement of the dissolution of Les Soulèvements de la Terre by governemental decision. This crack-down on peasants and citizens defending their rights and our future must stop.

Read HERE 
“Water is a common, Let’s preserve it and share it!” Confédération Paysanne – French member of La Via Campesina and part of Les Soulèvements de la Terre. 

Ecuador: Peasants succeed to have UNDROP ratified by Legislative Assembly and Constitutional Court

In April and June this year, the Ecuadorian Peasants have celebrated the ratification by their Legislative Assembly and Constitutional Court of UNDROP. This came after a struggle led by the CNC Eloy Alfaro. To obtain this result they have both organized major protest in coordination with Indigenous Peoples and advocated towards elected officials. This is a powerful example of composite strategy creating successful power dynamics.


UNDROP in the work of the UN Human Rights mechanisms
Towards a mechanism dedicated to UNDROP

La Via Campesina and its allies are calling for a specific mechanism of the Human Rights Council to monitor the implementation of UNDROP. To support this call and help explain the implication of this new special procedure, we have published an article on how the UN Human Rights mechanisms are already incorporating UNDROP in their work and how they can consolidate this encouraging trend. We have gathered in one article all the references to UNDROP in their work and we will update it periodically.

Read the article HERE and find all the references HERE

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